Thursday, October 8, 2009

EduRoam @ CBS - Quick guide for Snow Leopard

Following up on my more detailed and less automated guide for setting up EduRoam @ CBS, I found an easier way to get Snow Leopard hooked up to the EduRoam network.

This guide will show you how to connect to the EduRoam network, as you would with any other wireless network in OS X. For more background information on EduRoam see the previous mentioned guide.

Step 1: Connect using AirPort menubar icon

Click the AirPort menu bar icon, wait for the "eduroam" network to appear, click it to connect.

Step 2: Enter credentials

A credentials prompt should appear. Here you must enter your credentials for the school network.

For CBS students: Please note that these may not be equal to your sitescape credentials, but are equal to the credentials you use to access the school computers. If you didn't use the school computers to change your password previously, it will still be the one given to you at enrollment.

Step 3: It fails, but that's okay

At this point it might work for you, or it might not. In my case it didn't work, and the AirPort utility showed an exclamation mark to illustrate that you are connected but unable to get on the internet.

To fix this you'll need to verify your security settings. Click the "Open Network Preferences" item to continue.

Step 4: Advanced Wireless Settings

Make sure the "AirPort" network is highlighted from the left menu, and then click "Advanced" to open the advanced settings.

Step 5: Move TTLS to the top, disable others

Select the "802.1X" tab. Click-hold and drag the TTLS settings to the top of the list. Make sure all others are disabled. When you're done, your window should look like the one below.

Step 6: Configure TTLS

Make sure TTLS is highlighted and click "Configure".

Step 7: Choose PAP authentication

Select "PAP" from the drop down list.

Now return to the network preferences by clicking "OK" twice.

Step 8: Apply and connect

Click "Apply" and then click "Connect". Yes, you really need to click apply first.

You're done!
If you screen say "Authenticated via TTLS", everything works as it should.

If it doesn't work, it's likely that you are missing the required certificate, and for some reason Snow Leopard don't install it automatically. See the more detailed guide for steps to work around it. In step 9 from the detailed guide you'll download a certificate. You can try to correct the problem by double clicking the certificate file to install it.

If it still doesn't work try following the steps from the detailed guide.

I hope the ones that couldn't get my previous instructions to work, will have better luck with these.

If you have any questions, or suggestions please hit me in the comments.

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